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3 Little Pigs and the Magic Lamp [Quicktime File - SD, may be HD] NOT A UV CODE!

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  • Three little pigs, Melanie, Danny, and Bobby, are best friends and longing for adventure. One day they find a treasure map which could lead them to the mysterious magic lamp unlocking the mystery and secrets of the forest. Along the way in their quest the pigs encounter the original owners of the treasure map, the evil wolves who want it back. Everyone knows that whoever holds the magic lamp can rule the forest so it is a race for the pigs to use their courage, brains and heart to find the lamp and save their school in this adventure of good versus evil.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a code for a Quicktime file download of this movie. Must use a media player that can play Quicktime files. This is NOT a UV code, you will redeem this code on the website to download the file. Unsure if this movie is HD or SD. Redeems at

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